Good Neighbouring

I trespassed into my neighbour’s house today, walking past their long driveway almost to the backyard where their front door was on while Fafa kept an eye from outside the gate. 

Before you judge  we were good neighbouring. 

When we moved into this house a few weeks ago, I have been wanting to introduce ourselves to our neighbours  with a friendly note and some cookies. But due to lockdown 5 and 5.1, we could only get the store-bought cookies (not home-baked ones because I want them to like us) last weekend. So today, after spending some time discussing whether “~want~ or ~wanted~ to introduce ourselves” was the correct grammar to put on the note, we ventured a few feet outside with our masks on (not unlike thieves, especially with my black on the black outfit) to put a small box of cookies on our sides and front neighbours porches.

Hours later, our next-door neighbour came back to drop a generous slice of cake on an actual plate that I will need to clean and give back (just like in the TV shows!) as a thank you for the cookies.

Man, I love this suburb good neighbouring lifestyle.

Ps. No picture of the delicious cake as we devoured immediately after I closed the front door.

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