A WeFo Blog

I was surrounded by card boxes. Some were half sealed, and the rest were empty. All were from our friends T+J who moved back from Perth a few months. That was when the idea this idea came into my mind: I should start a WeFo blog, a blog about my new life (t)here.

But I brushed it off and started filling the empty card boxes so it would be ready for the movers to take it West Footscray, where my new life was waiting for me.

I was lying on the mattress in the living room our makeshift sofa until the one we ordered comes in November. I spent the last half-hour Googling the best pho in West Footscray, surprised that I couldn’t find a half-decent article about it that’s dated later than 2018. That was when the same idea popped back: I could write that pho post. Or at least try to write it, and that would be a good enough excuse to eat various pho in various locations in WeFo. #WeFoPho. 

But then, after bookmarking Pho Hung Vuong, I put aside my phone and the idea aside and continued watching the latest serial killer show on Netflix.

I was sitting on the kitchen counter, halfway through my Morning Pages ritual, struggling to complete it as I was still half asleep, and the morning caffeine from BOSS long black I downed minutes before hadn’t kicked in yet. That’s when my hand formed the words onto the paper:

maybe I should start a (West) Footscray, it seems so niche that it’s doable, but would that mean I am abandoning my current blogs – also, man, another blog seems so frivolous“.

A cup of piping hot tea accompanied me yesterday night when I did a tarot spread. The Two of Wands appeared for (spring) seed-to-plant position. The image on The Gentle Tarot deck was of a naked brown lady climbing the mountain while holding some plants in both of her hands. Again, it triggered the WeFo blog idea that has been lingering around me for weeks now. I suddenly recalled Elizabeth Gilbert’s idea of an idea:

When an idea thinks it has found somebody—say, you—who might be able to bring it into the world, the idea will pay you a visit. It will try to get your attention.

Well  I thought to myself, this West Footscray blog idea is definitely trying to get my attention — maybe it’s my creative duty to bring it into the world.


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