Good Neighbouring

I trespassed into my neighbour’s house today, walking past their long driveway almost to the backyard where their front door was on while Fafa kept an eye from outside the gate.  Before you judge — we were good neighbouring.  When we moved into this house a few weeks ago, I have been wanting to introduce ourselves toContinue reading “Good Neighbouring”

A WeFo Blog

I was surrounded by card boxes. Some were half sealed, and the rest were empty. All were from our friends T+J who moved back from Perth a few months. That was when the idea — this idea — came into my mind: I should start a WeFo blog, a blog about my new life (t)here.Continue reading “A WeFo Blog”

West Kween

I recently moved to West Footscray (also known as WeFo among the locals). This blog is a living journal of my new life chapter mainly written through culture-culinary lens. @kulturekween

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